The Thumb (Palm Up):

The Thumb

Releasing the tension on the thumb muscle
takes the pressure off of the median nerve.

Learn an easy technique to lengthen the thumb muscles, releasing the tension from the bridge of the Carpal Tunnel.


The thick muscles at the base of the thumb are called the thenar muscles.  Of these, the most important muscle that effects carpal tunnel syndrome is the Opponens Pollicis.

   The Opponens Pollicis originates at the carpal tunnel (the Flexor Retinaculum) and then inserts into the base of the thumb.  When the muscle contracts it pulls the thumb towards the palm.

   The Flexor Retinaculum, also known as the transverse carpal ligament, is the bridge of the carpal tunnel.

   When the oppenents policas contracts it puts pressure on the median nerve. This may cause tingling and numbness to the thumb and first two fingers.

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